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Kevin Smith's witty commentary on Catholicism turns 20 on November 12th. The raucous comedy drew crowds of religious protesters, and on several occasions, Smith himself joined the angry mobs to boycott his own film.

November 17th marks the 30th anniversary of the Don Bluth classic, All Dogs Go To Heaven. Released on the exact same day as Disney's The Little Mermaid, this film was basically doomed to obscurity - but has survived for its campiness, and stellar voice acting from Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLouise, and the rest of the cast.

This 3.5 hour epic masterpiece turns 60 years old on November 18th. The film's pinnacle race scene would take 11 days and 15,000 extras to film. But all that extravagance would pay off in the form of 11 Academy Award wins - more than any at that time.